Oproep aan regering om plastic zwerfpeuken aan te pakken is gehoord!
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By the Ocean
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Research, awareness and solutions for cleaner oceans

Plastic pollution has become one of the greatest environmental challenges of our time. Worldwide, on average eight billion kilos of plastics end up in our oceans every year – that is 23.000 kilos every single minute(!). Those plastics – ranging from large to microscopically small – cause devastating effects on the environment and animals. We don’t know yet what it does to us, humans. A recent report though stated that European seafood eaters consume up to 11.000 (!) pieces of plastic every year, mainly through the consumption of mussels, of which 40 to 60 might end up in our tissue. We no longer want to be on the sidelines.

–> there are no plastic islands, all the waters of this planet are filling up with (tiny) plastic particles, something we show on our sailing expeditions time after time

By the Ocean we Unite is a Dutch foundation with charitable status (ANBI) that contributes to preventing more plastics from ending up in our oceans. Through the organization of a variety of sailing expeditions – and other projects, such as lectures, documentaries & more (see below) – we show people the beauty of the waters of this planet while we conduct research, create awareness, educate and activate people, organisations and governments (in the end, both are nothing more than groups of people, aren’t they? :)) to make much needed changes. By joining forces with partners worldwide we increase our outreach and positive impact. Join us on our journey and help protecting our oceans, the animals and ourselves from plastic pollution.

No pointing fingers, we all contribute and we’re all in this together. Let us take you on a fun, active and positive journey and learn what you can do as an individual or organisation wanting to make a change. Ahoy!

By the way, we don’t want to pretend to be more catholic than the pope, as it is so nicely put. We also use plastics: the material can be extremely handy, necessary and unavoidable sometimes. We DO try to minimize our plastic use – and we’ve found out there’s so much you can do to decrease your plastic footprint. Check out some tips here! It can be fun, cheaper and it feels better. 🙂

”The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever.” – Jacques Cousteau
“ something about it, a great begin is to start looking at your own behavior regarding the usage of plastic.” – ambassador Bouwe Bekking
image logo By the Ocean we Unite – by Arlette Beerenfenger

drawings on this website by Arlette Beerenfenger

”On my journeys throughout the world for Dutch television I’ve seen so much plastic pollution. From my street in the Netherlands to remote islands in the Pacific, it is everywhere. I therefore support the team of By the Ocean we Unite in their mission: preventing more plastic from ending up in our oceans.” – Floortje Dessing, TV programme maker
Yeah! Filmmaker and social entrepeneur Hanna Verboom joined us on Expedition Denmark 2018. Check out the ‘Plastic Sailors’-series they made by clicking on the picture to the left. Immerse yourself in life on board, and join us on one of our next expeditions!


I didn’t expect the Baltic to this polluted. Tiny plastic particles everywhere.” – Hanna Verboom



Major Expeditions

Conducting scientific research and learning about plastic pollution whilst sailing our beautiful oceans


Mini Expeditions

One or two-day sailing expeditions for individuals and groups


Company Expeditions

One or several day sailing expeditions for organisations



Book us for a reading on our story and (marine) plastic pollution



Movies to create awareness and promote solutions



Bringing together knowledge, ideas, network and solutions


High School Projects

Informational evenings on our activities


Project S.I.L.B.A.

Making the island Silba (Croatia) into an eco-island with a focus on plastics


Other activities

Organization of or involvement with other activities centered around plastic pollution (see menu above)



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of marine plastic pollution is currently missing. Possible causes: it has sunk, fragmented into tiny particles or washed up on beaches.*


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the weight of marine plastic pollution may well approach that of all fish in the oceans.*
tiny plastic particles seafood eaters in Europe ingest every year. Forty to sixty of those particles might be taken up by body tissue.*

*The figures presented here are based on extrapolations and should be viewed with a critical eye, as it is impossible to measure all plastics or fish in the oceans. They however do give a perspective on the sheer size of the marine plastic pollution issue we face today.