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Company Expeditions

Company expedition with Stantec, Wadden Sea, September 2017

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Looking for a unique one-, two-, three-(or more!)days company sailing expedition where you collectively contribute to protecting our oceans from plastic pollution while creating new connections and enjoy being out(side) on the water?

Any location is possible; whether it is the river Maas, the Gooimeer, the Wadden Sea, wherever. Our experienced crew of expedition leaders, marine biologists and caterers would be happy to meet you at a location of your choice.

Get to know each other, the beautiful nature Holland has to offer and the challenge of plastic pollution a bit better. Help us collect scientific data and learn about the power of the individuals. Or the possibilities for your organization.

Report of company expedition with Belgian plastic packaging producer deSter


”We’ve had an incredibly fun day on the Waddensea. People here are still regularly talking about the expedition.”

– Corrie Vermue, Management Assistant @ PerkinElmer Health Sciences (joined us September 15, 2017 @ The Waddensea)

”Participating this day changed our vision regarding our responsibility as plastic consuming organization. We realize now more than before that we need to speed up a couple of processes to help save the earth collectively. A first major and concrete step for us will be the speeding up of the process of phasing out our usage of Styrofoam. There are alternatives that are better for the environment.”

– Perry Luja, Managing Director @ PerkinElmer Health Sciences (joined us September 15, 2017 @ The Waddensea)

”With a group of 40 colleagues we were inspired and connected by the team of BTOWU on the beautiful Gooi Lake. We had a fantastic day where the theme of plastic pollution touched us not only on an organisational level, but also on an individual level.”

– Kris Ingerman, Marketing Manager B2C @ T-Mobile (joined us September 6, 2018 @ Gooi Lake)

”The message that BTOWU conveys clearly comes from their hearts. They do this with a lot of passion, knowledge and humor. Besides having had a lot of fun, we have also become aware of the consequences of our plastic consumption. We notice that as a company and as an individual we can now do more about this and above all we want to do more about it. ”With knowing comes caring, with caring comes change” is a quote from Manuelo Bustelo. Our compliments to the whole team on the boat, we had a great day.”

– Debbie Mol, Mindwize / Social Talk (joined us October 12, 2018 @ Gooi Lake)

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