Expedition Denmark 2018

Join us for an unforgettable journey!

Expedition Denmark 2018

Wednesday August 1, 2018, we set sail for Denmark on the fourth and fifth By the Ocean we Unite sailing expedition for cleaner oceans. Together with scientists, filmmakers and impactmakers from around the globe we will conduct scientific research, increase global awareness and activate people, organizations and governments to work on solutions for our global plastic problem. Hop on board the ‘Fantastiko’ and learn all about plastic pollution on the experience of a lifetime!

Leg 1: Rotterdam (the Netherlands) – Copenhagen (Denmark) (August 1 – August 10)

Leg 2: Copenhagen (Denmark) – Rotterdam (the Netherlands) (August 13 – August 22)

”My invitation to you: join these guys on one of their expeditions, it’s an awesome experience!” – Anoûl Hendriks, DJ @ Talpa Radio (538 Hitzone)

”This trip has been impressive in so many ways, the By the Ocean we Unite crew has been very inspiring with their views and gave the expedition members a lot to think about” – Fabio Bartali, expedition member @ Expedition Up to Norway 2016

”By the Ocean we Unite has given me an unforgettable journey “Up to Norway”; a beautiful sailing experience combined with contributing for cleaner/plastic free oceans” – Nadim Bou-Rached, expedition member @ Expedition Up to Norway 2016

Why join?

Sailing with By the Ocean we Unite is a unique experience. On one hand you get to experience magnificent nature in all her rugged beauty, out at open sea and on land. On the other hand you will be confronted with the widespread problem of plastic pollution in our waters and learn all about it. Plus, by joining this expedition you help make our work possible: preventing more plastics from ending up in our seas through research and education.

So.. with plastic pollution becoming one of the greatest environmental challenges of our time, our time spent behind screens increasing rapidly and our moments in the wild becoming more and more scarce.. we invite you to join this life-changing expedition!

The ship

Sailing ship ”Fantastiko” (see pictures below) is a beautiful 26-meter long two-master ketch. It is perfectly suited for sea sailing expeditions! We have used the ship for all our major expeditions.

The vessel was built at a specialized shipyard, Chinook in Haarlem, the Netherlands. The construction, from 2002 till 2012, was carried out as a Youth Care project of the province of North-Holland. Two hundred youngsters build the ship together with dozens of experts. The Fantastiko received a Register Holland quality label. The fully equipped ship offers room for 16 persons.

By the Ocean we Unite charters sea sailing ship ”Fantastiko” including professional crew for every expedition. Click here for more information on floating hotel Fantastiko.

”I want as many people as possible to enjoy the endless possibilities of this ship. My mission is for people to be able to fully relax and enjoy when we’re out on the water. Maybe they can even discover new sides of themselves. It gives so much energy and inspiration to for example be sailing at open sea in the middle of the night and watch the stars while drinking a cup of coffee, or watch a dolphin that suddenly swims along with the ship.” – Captain Huub Veeneman

He knew..

All of us have in our veins the exact same percentage of salt in our blood that exists in the ocean, and, therefore, we have salt in our blood, in our sweat, in our tears. We are tied to the ocean. And when we go back to the sea – whether it is to sail or to watch it – we are going back from whence we came.” – John F. Kennedy

What to expect?
  • be a scientist: help us with our research into plastic pollution
  • be a true sailor and sail the open sea; join in keeping watch during the night, steer the ship and help with the handling of the sail (no sailing experience needed, our experienced crew will teach you all the ins and outs)
  • enjoy fresh food daily by our chef, mostly organic & vegan
  • spot wildlife from deck (dolphins, whales, fish, birds)
  • learn all about plastic pollution and what you can do about it from our experts on board and the people we meet
  • extensive program centered around plastic pollution; on board as well as in the places we visit in Denmark & Germany
  • all parts of the program are optional though: it is after all your holiday
  • enjoy the magnificent views of Denmark from the water
  • witness the beautiful rising sun over the boundless blue horizon, and at night the countless stars that sparkle in the dark
  • experience the bonding of a group on board a sailing vessel at sea (Fantastiko has room for 16 persons)
  • support other startups fighting plastic pollution by joining the expedition (see below for the ‘PIFF’)
  • sleep on board the ship every night
  • just to let you know: it’s not a canal cruise, the sea can be quite rough at times 🙂
  • also good to know: you might appear in different media (please inform us if you don’t want to)
  • help us further develop ‘Heal the Oceans’, the new version of Michael Jackson’s ”Heal the World’
  • main spoken language: English
  • want to contribute to the program? Feel free!
  • become an ‘Ocean Ambassador’
Leg 1 or leg 2?

Both legs are ten days and contain the same on board program around plastic pollution. The program on land differs, since we’re visiting different places. The major difference is the North Sea crossing; leg 1 contains a 4-day crossing, leg 2 consists of single days of sailing.

Leg 1: Feeling like a 4-day North Sea crossing? Join leg 1!

Leg 2: Feeling like a little more relaxed sailing? Join leg 2!

Participation costs

Price: €1250,- per leg (including all food and drinks on board, a bed in a two-person cabin, all other costs involved with sailing, BTOWU t-shirt & reusable water bottle) (excluding transport to or from Copenhagen, expenses in bars etc.)

Tip: Want to join but can’t afford it at the moment? Get (part of) your participation sponsored by friends and family! Get in touch for tips & tricks about for example writing a blog, sharing your new knowledge, etc.

How to join?

Any questions? Want to join? Get in touch with Karl Beerenfenger (project manager): +31 (0)6-18632023 or karl@bytheoceanweunite.org

Main partners By the Ocean we Unite

Want to be become an expedition partner? Call or send an email to Karl Beerenfenger (project manager): +31 (0)6-18632023 / karl@bytheoceanweunite.org 

Supplying partners
N&M logo TEST
Scientific research

We will assist research projects from a range of institutes and universities. We will use a manta trawl to sample free floating sea surface plastics to determine their abundance per sea surface area and we will collect sediment samples from a range of beaches for measurements of plastics along the high tide line.

Since conducting scientific research at sea is usually costly and time consuming, and we are sailing the sea anyway, we will open the ship to any research program that needs samples.

Could we help you out with your research by collecting samples? Please get in touch with Dr. Nanne van Hoytema (research coordinator): +32 4-84460898 or nanne@bytheoceanweunite.org

  • The Ocean Cleanup (the Netherlands)
  • 5 Gyres (United States)
  • Leiden University (the Netherlands)
Other collaborations

For this expedition we collaborate with several people and organizations from Denmark, Germany, the Netherlands and other countries to share knowledge and increase our impact.

  • eXXpedition (United Kingdom)
  • Plastic Change (Denmark)
Research partners
Expedition partners
Selection of media coverage (previous expeditions)
Pay-It-Forward-Fund (PIFF)

The powerful energy of giving

Plastic pollution is a global problem which we believe we can only solve by working together and helping where possible. Therefore we created the PIFF: Pay-It-Forward-Fund. It works as following: startups working on reducing plastic pollution can get in touch with us to explain their concept – sometimes we pick organizations we come across ourselves. During the expedition we’ll discuss ideas with the expedition members. All ideas, network and suggestions are forwarded to the organization after the expedition. Also we take part of the participation fee and put it in a fund, of which the expedition members themselves eventually decide which organization(s) they will support financially. Expedition members may also suggest projects themselves, or organize a project together, as long as its main goal is reducing plastic pollution.

10% of the expedition fee is put in the fund. Expedition members of Expedition Denmark 2018 (leg 1 and leg 2) have got till the end October 2018 to make a decision. We’ll keep you updated!

Call or send an email to Karl Beerenfenger (project manager): +31 (0)6-18632023 / karl@bytheoceanweunite.org if you want to participate with your organization or project!

PIFF so far: through our previous three expeditions we’ve backed other projects with a total amount of €4,050.-, plus numerous ideas and relevant contacts

Organizations sponsored so far: Seaweed farm IJmond, The Great Bubble Barrier, Bahamas Plastic Movement, Eco Bali, Straw by Straw

  • Natr
PIFF participants
Facts about the expedition!
Nautical Miles (both legs)
Beds on board
Whales and dolphins so far
Surface samples so far