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Marine biologists and sailing expedition leaders with years of experience in plastic pollution

Hire our crew

Expedition Denmark 2018

Expedition The Channel 2017 (in Dutch)

Increase the positive impact of your sailing journey

More and more sailing organisations are adding a plastic-component to their on board programs. Out at sea is where blurred minds are cleared and hearts start pounding harder again with excitement over our beautiful planet. And the need to preserve it.

Experienced crew

Our dedicated marine biologists and expedition leaders have years of experience leading research programs and expeditions on board a variety of sailing ships. Our people personsĀ  with strong communication skills are professionals and able to serve any audience.

Don’t wait – the time for plastic is now!

Sailing our seas and looking for a valuable and life-changing addition to your on board program? Let us train your crew for lasting impact on your journeys! Send an email to info@bytheoceanweunite.orgĀ 

Our crew in action

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