Empower yourself (and your organization) with knowledge about plastic pollution!

What’s the situation with plastic pollution?


”Our students where very inspired by the visit of By the Ocean we Unite, leading to a record-breaking annual beach clean up and different plastic projects being initialized at our school.” – Wim Keereman, International School of Stavanger, Norway


 photo credit: Stephan de Haas photography (shot at Omniversum, The Hague)

Want to hear our story and learn more about plastic pollution and what we can do about it?

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Our lecture contains:

  • The history of plastic
  • How much plastic are we producing?
  • What are the qualities of plastic? (why ‘Plastic Fantastic’?)
  • Plastic life-cycle
  • How does plastic end up in our oceans?
  • What happens then?
  • What are the effects on the environment and organisms?
  • What is the trend?
  • What can we do about it?
  • optional: the story of By the Ocean we Unite


                   Thomas van Thiel – founder                                                                Karl Beerenfenger  – co-founder                                                  Nanne van Hoytema – research coordinator