Luffa, the natural sponge


Luffa is a 100% plant-based AND bio-degradable sponge. No more plastic fibers in the oceans via your sink, because the water treatment facilities cannot filters these and they are pumped backed into nature together with the treated water. Before you know, the fibers that went through your sink are on their way to the ocean possibly harming the environment, animals and eventually ourselves.

Buy this sponge at Ecomondo – webshop for more sustainable living. Part of the profit goes to our foundation!

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Product Description

Luffa is het plasticvrije alternatief voor het klassieke schuursponsje. Gemaakt van een plant, de Luffa Aegyptica, dus biologisch afbreekbaar. Op deze manier kan je je afwas doen en de wasbak schrobben zonder dat je bijdraagt aan de plastic soep! Ze gaan 2 à 3 maanden mee.

  • Zerowaste & plasticvrij
  • 100% biologisch afbreekbaar
  • Elke Luffa is anders van vorm, dus uniek.