Expedition Horizon 2020

Transatlantic Expedition- Sailing the plastic soup

Collaboration Twister x BTOWU

In 2020, By the Ocean we Unite sets sail for our first ocean crossing expedition. We are invited to join Tall ship Twister on their Expedition Horizon: a sailing adventure with an in-depth sustainability program. Learn to sail, assist in our microplastic research project, and participate in workshops and lectures on marine life. This journey will give you all the tools needed to become an ocean ambassador and help us spread our vision: a world with healthy oceans and (marine) life, where no plastic ends up in nature anymore.

Program and route

By the Ocean we Unite will join the 2nd leg of Expedition Horizon. Leg 2 departs on the 18th of March 2020 from Tortula (Britsh Virgin Islands). In the first week, some Caribbean Islands will be explored, Jamaica or Cuba, maybe Bermuda, all depending on the winds. After that, the course will be set towards the Azores, where there is some time to stretch the sea legs. The final leg sails along the coast of Spain, France and Belgium towards the Netherlands. Arrival back in Amsterdam is on the 1st of May. Underway, there is more than enough time to upgrade your sailing skills, take plenty of microplastic samples, participate in beach clean-ups and expand your knowledge on the wonders and challenges of our oceans. 

The ship

With her graceful design and sailing lines, Twister is a fast, reliable ship and is truly comfortable under full sail. Originally built with a wooden hull in 1902, her purpose was to transport fish between fishing boats and the harbour. Nowadays, she is refitted with a steel hull and transformed into a luxury passenger vessel. The two-masted schooner with a modern rigging system is built to perform excellently both on the Atlantic ocean or around the Caribbean.

Want to join this trip? Contact our marine biologist Fabiènne Doveren

E-mail: fabienne@bytheoceanweunite.org

Phone: + 31 6 10627796

Practical information

Meet the crew

  • Mr. Captain
    Mr. Captain Skipper


  • Marloes Aafjes
    Marloes Aafjes Mate


  • Mr. Chef
    Mr. Chef Cook


  • Belén García Ovide
    Belén García Ovide Marine Biologist

    Ocean Missions

  • Fabiènne Doveren
    Fabiènne Doveren Marine Biologist

    By the Ocean we Unite

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